Within the past week my pants have started to get a little tighter at the waist, which can only mean only thing; the belly has popped!

Here is the latest bump at 18 weeks. I think you can finally tell I’m pregnant and don’t just have a gut sticking out. I’ve also started to feel her move, which is the best feeling in the world!

When did your belly “pop” when you were pregnant?

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  1. With Lboy, I didn’t need maternity until I was 25-27 weeks pregnant. I was literally in my regular pants up until then.

    With this baby?! I’m already in maternity & have been for 2 weeks! It’s insane! People kept telling me I would get bigger faster, but I didn’t believe them. I do now for sure!

    Feeling the baby move is the best feeling in the world! And you are so cute pregnant! Hope you are feeling better too! Do y’all have names picked out or are you keeping it a secret until she’s born?
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    1. I feel like I popped around the same time with Harlan too. I can still wear some regular pants, but they are definitely tight and uncomfortable. I bought my first pair of maternity jeans last weekend and I love them! No name yet, we have some ideas, but nothing confirmed. We want a family name, since Harlan is a family name, and unfortunately there really isn’t a lot to choose from on either side of the family!

  2. Oh goodness, I dont remember exactly when, but definitely showed earlier with Baby #2. I think i started showing visibly (to others) at 5 months with my first son, and with my second son around 4 months.

    1. I feel like it was around the same time I popped with Harlan. It’s crazy how similar both of these pregnancies are. Were yours similar with both boys?

    1. I feel like it took forever for this one, but I think it was actually around the same time I did with Harlan. It’s creepy how similar these two pregnancies are!

  3. Oh how adorable! I miss that. You look beautiful pregnant. I wish you a healthy safe and uncomplicated labor and delivery and that your child is healthy, strong, and a good sleeper.

    I think I didn’t show at all with my first until I was about 5 1/2 months and only looked like I had overeaten a bit in my bathing suit. With my second, I looked pregnant at around 2 months. It was very quick.
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  4. Very cute! Well with my first I didn’t buy maternity jeans literally until 7 months with Callie(obviously girl)! With my 2nd( Tucker obviously boy) pregnancy was so different and I definitely showed way earlier. I unpacked my materniy jeans with him and began to where them a little after 4 months so I guess around about 17 weeks or so. Definitely showed earlier. The weird thing is that I gained more weight with Callie (28) but it pretty much fell off and I felt blessed. I was so thin and even thinner than ever before after her. Then with Tucker I really only gained in pounds like 24, but it has not come off near like it did with the first:(. I looked bigger though but only gained 24 up to 2 hours before I delivered him. I am starting to get really frustrated and sad because he’s 6 months & it just won’t come off like it did before with her but then again I’m still nursing which I would assume should help. It really is upsetting me now at 6 months because I’m so active with them 21 months apart and really am not eating or doing much different than with Callie but probably 1000 times more active. I sure hope things turn around, but I’m still happy and enjoying them to the max so that’s what matters to me. But it’s still weird & frustrating! You look adorable !

  5. I found you through babble even though the link on your profile does not work.
    You have a darling little bump. With my fourth child (in 5 years) I popped out fast. When I was 9 weeks pregnant I asked the workers at the maternity store how far along I was. They all said 5 months. So I don’t have much of a bump – I have a huge mound. Congrats to you!