Yesterday marked Avery’s seven week birthday. These past seven weeks have been somewhat of a blur. As much as I want to tell you that I have this parenting two girls thing down to a science, I most certainly do not.

Although the girls and I are starting to get ourselves in a routine throughout the week, I still find myself at some points struggling just to get through the day without feeling like I am going to lose it.

Last week I had to take the dogs to the groomers for a haircut. Their groomer is right by Harlan’s school, so I figured I could take them with me on the way to school, drop them off and then drop Harlan off.

My plan was easier in my head than actually implemented. Walking two dogs with a double stroller on the busy streets on NYC is almost impossible. Once I made it to the groomers to drop them off Harlan had a fit in the store and refused to leave because she thought I was leaving the dogs their for good. I managed to pick her up while she was screaming and carry her the two blocks to her school, while still managing to push the stroller with Avery in it.

Once I picked her up from school we still had a couple hours to kill before the dogs were ready to be picked up. I took them to lunch and then went to the pet store to let Harlan look at all the animals. In the middle of us walking around, Avery wakes up screaming because she is hungry. I take her into the bathroom so that I can put my nursing pouch on and nurse her hands free while still pushing the stroller and dealing with Harlan.

Finally the dogs are ready to go home, but Avery isn’t finished nursing. So here I am walking down the streets of NYC with Avery in her nursing pouch, Harlan in her stroller, and me holding two dogs. Of course over our 20 block walk home one of the dogs decide to poop. Now I have to figure out how to handle both dogs, while still nursing Avery and attempting to get out of the way of all of the busy people walking by.

As I am bending down to pick up the poop and still trying not to disturb Avery from nursing, this crazy impatient girl walks right by me and steps in the poop. I yell at her and she doesn’t even notice. As I pick up the rest of the poop, I am secretly laughing in my head because not only do I look crazy trying to manage all of this, but that stupid girl deserves to step in my dogs poop because she couldn’t wait the two seconds for me to pick it up.

That was the point that I realized I can’t always do it all. As much as I want to try to get everything done at once, sometimes it’s just not going to happen. I can’t be the “supermom” that I want to be, because it’s not just practical. The dishes and laundry can wait, the writing can wait (have you noticed that I’ve been lacking on my own site?), but my little girls can’t.

At this moment, my life really is a juggling act. Now I just need to learn how to juggle.

I’m chronicling my adventures on! Check out some of my Babble posts at Baby’s First Year.

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  1. I cringed and tensed while reading this because I’ve been there and know how hard it is. Before 3 (or 2 even) kids, I was proud of my “juggling”, now I just laugh at myself 90% of the day 😉

  2. good luck and hang in there! It’s only been 7 weeks. Sounds like you’re doing pretty good. Dogs and babies are challenging no matter what. I’m impressed that you even attempted to juggle two dogs and two kids. You’ve just given me a glimpse into what’s about to be my new reality.
    Cam | Bibs & Baubles recently posted..UPrinting Giveaway

  3. I enjoyed reading your post today and the pics were cute too! First, I should add that you’re doing a wonderful job! As someone who knows what parenting two small children are like (O and Jake are 16 months apart) I’ve learned that we need to be tender with ourselves. It sounds like you’ve come to a place where you do realize you can’t (and shouldn’t be expected) “to do it all”. As you pointed out, the priority now is caring for your two baby girls. Keep in mind one very important thing some of us overlook. There is something that’s actually more important than caring for those precious girls though and that is YOU! If you’re not getting the attention, affection, appreciation, acceptance, and allowance you need then there’s no way you’re going to be able to fully give it to your own family. Our capacity to care for others is directly related to the amount of care we have for ourselves. I know you know all this and this was just a friendly reminder and one to let you know how awesome you are! 🙂
    DadStreet recently posted..Ain’t Nobody Stupid Here

  4. Oh Lauren! I’ve been thinking about you! Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job handling everything. Those dogs can be the death of us sometimes! (we just got a complaint from our condo board about ours, ha!)
    It will get easier, it always does. Every time I think I’m ready for the next one, I remember that I’m still figuring out this one! You’re a wonderful mother!
    Meagan @ Green Motherhood recently posted..Baby and Momma Style

  5. Loved reading. The pics are great but the best is THAT GIRL DESERVED STEPPING IN THE POOP. That was a chuckle. You are correct. We feel like we can be superwoman. It it’s impossible to do everything and be everything for everyone. You don’t realize how well you really are doing. I am amazed actually that you were doing all that and had a plan. I can see it now. Nursing, dogs, Harlan having a meltdown. OMG! I did get a smile out of that. But yes, the laundry can wait and all that stuff but your kids come first. Hang in there. It will get easier. Don’t forget to lean on others for a little help if you need it. -:)

  6. If your home doesn’t already look like a jungle, spruce it up with a few themed decorations and accents… Every time I think I’m ready for the next one, I remember that I’m still figuring out this one! You’re a wonderful mother!
    Krizza recently posted..Copywriting Company Devon

  7. angelical chance and flow in there! It’s only been 7 weeks. Sounds similar you’re doing pretty nice. Dogs and babies are hard no matter what. I’m impressed that you yet attempted to beguile two dogs and two kids.
    Daniel Luise recently posted..Kim Kardashian News

  8. Lunch is reserved for meetings, technology makes us available anytime, anywhere-and somewhere along the way 9-to-5 morphed into 24/7, and technology makes us available anytime, anywhere. Our demanding schedules crowd out what matters most: family, friends, even our faith. Although it may feel like you’re living under the Big Top, take heart. You don’t have to be a circus professional to keep all the plates spinning.
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  9. Lauren, you are doing a wonderful job. Motherhood is very demanding but it is well worth it. Hang in there. This first year with two is the most trying. Next time the dogs may just have to wait for a haircut! I am so proud of the beautiful job you are doing and I can’t wait to see that beautiful little addition to your family in person. Keep up the good work. You multitask very well.