It’s no secret that I love dressing up both Harlan and Avery. When I first found out that I was having a little girl, clothes shopping for her was the first thing that I did. When Harlan was born, I always made sure to dress her in fun, stylish, clothes. She was hardly ever seen in just a onsie, even for days that we just spent at home. I know it was incredibly impractical for me to do this, but I loved doing it and she never seemed to mind.

Apparently my love of clothes rubbed off on her because she is so in tune with the clothes that she wears. She is the ultimate girly girl. All outfits have to be approved by her before she will put them on. It’s a battle that I choose not to fight anymore.Thankfully, it’s becoming a lot more fun to go shopping with her, because she does have an opinion and a great eye for fashion.

Most of you know from my constant updates on Instagram, that I am a tad bit obsessed. I am always taking photos of the girls and looking for others to follow as well. A couple of months ago I came across Bambinos & Bunny on Instagram. I was quickly obsessed with the clothes that the little girls were wearing in all of their photos. I soon learned that this was a company started by two moms of little girls and that they were launching a clothing line with the designs that they had been showing off for weeks prior.

Karla and Stacy, who design each locally made piece, were kind enough to send the girls over some of their line. I was so giddy when I received the package, because I am a tad bit obsessed with all of their looks. Of course as soon as I tried the clothes on the girls, I almost died of cuteness overload.



This dress is probably my absolute favorite from their line. The gold button detail on the back is stunning.

The scarf is reversible and has the geo-print on one side and the leopard fleece on the other. It was a perfect pairing with the dress. The button on the bottom helped secure it around her neck to keep it from falling off and helping her stay warm.

Avery is still a bit small for their clothes, but is the perfect size for all of their accessories. The ear warmer is now a staple in her winter wardrobe and the bandana bib is both stylish and practical. (For more on Avery’s looks, check it out over at Babble.)

I am so obsessed with how adorable the girls look in this line, that I am going to buy all of their other pieces to complete their winter wardrobe.

One of the greatest things about Bambinos & Bunny is not their fabulous clothes, but the fact that they are two moms who went after their dream. As someone who is currently doing the same thing, my love and support goes out to them. It’s not easy, but the reward is completely worth it.

If you would like your own little bunny to have some of these looks, shop Bambinos & Bunny for a special 15% discount! Use code: Fallbunny at checkout.


Disclaimer: I was provided with some clothes and accessories from Bambinos & Bunny. All thoughts and opinions are my own.