The girl’s room has been a work in progress ever since we moved into the apartment nearly three years ago. Just when I thought that I had it just the way I wanted it, I found out I was pregnant with Avery and had to figure out how to fit two little ones into one room.

I often get asked how it is living in a smaller apartment with two kids. To be honest, it’s definitely not easy, but we make it work. I’ve become so much of a minimalist since we moved in that I really only keep what’s absolutely necessary. The girls play with a lot of the same toys and if we buy them a new toy, we always donate an old one. The system seems to work for us and it’s helped us make the best use of the space that we have.

Last weekend I spent all day Saturday locked up in the girl’s room for a major spring cleaning. The girls still had clothes in their closet from last year and it needed a major overhaul. I came away with a great clean room and a lot of donations for families in need.

I figured since the room was clean and probably won’t look like this for long that I’d give you a quick tour of their shared room. I have fallen in love with this room and the girls love to play together in it which is a definite plus. It’s become so much of their space that it’s definitely starting to reflect who they are.

I used a lot of Avery’s first birthday decorations in their room. I ordered them with that intent and I love that they have served dual purposes.


This hangs over Avery’s crib. It definitely signifies that it’s her space in the room. (Learn more on those amazing first year posters)

Harlan has a book shelf that hangs above her bed. She absolutely loves reading and especially likes to do it in bed before she goes to sleep. It’s definitely encouraged her to read more and she loves it. IMG_4760

I recently added this creative corner into the girl’s room. It serves as Harlan’s art table and her tea party table. She uses it nearly everyday and it’s such a great addition to their room. IMG_4764

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  1. beautiful! where is the toddler bed from? thanks! I’m looking for a couple of them for my 2 girls.

  2. Wow! This is a beautiful nursery and works perfectly for both girls! We love the individuality that each child has in the shared room – like Harlan’s book shelves and Avery’s birthday decorations! We also love the pink and green theme – a great way to enhance the color scheme would be with personalized blankets with satin trim, in both pink and green! These fun blankets will keep each girl’s side unique and add to the overall theme!