This time of year is my absolute favorite time in the city. The weather is at the perfect temperature and the city is the most stunning backdrop.

Every year, in preparation for the holidays, we take the family to the park for our annual fall family photo shoot. The park is the perfect place to capture what fall is like in the city; the gorgeous, rich colors, and the falling leaves are all so wonderful.

We lucked out this year when my dear friend, Lindsey, a talented photographer here in New York City, invited us over to the West Side for a little mini photo session. Lindsey and I have gotten to know each other through Instagram (I love the power of social media) and she has a daughter that is Avery’s age. I’ve seen Lindsey’s work¬†and was so excited for her to take some photos of our growing family.

As soon as we met in person, we clicked right away. She made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and knew exactly what to do and say to the girls to get them grinning.






It’s not often that I have a chance to get in front of the camera with the girls because I am usually the one taking photos of them. These photos are so special because they really capture the relationship that I share with Harlan and Avery.



This photo is probably one of my favorites. Check out Harlan and the best photobomb ever.


Believe it or not, MacKay and I hardly have any “formal” photos together since our wedding. Oh my how we have grown from those days!


Mama and her girls!



Daddy and his girls!


Harlan is so sweet when she takes photos with Avery. She does whatever she can to make Avery as comfortable as possible. She knows just what to do at just the right time and it’s truly evident in this photo.


On our walk home after the shoot, Lindsey took out her camera and captured this moment for us. I love it because it is so symbolic of what our life is really like in the city. Most of the time when we are walking around the streets of NYC, this is what you will see.

I am so grateful to Lindsey for capturing all of these special moments between our growing family. It’s hard to believe that all of these great photos were taken in only 30 short minutes (that mama sure knows how to work her camera magic.)

These photos will forever give us a peek into the last few months of our lives as a family of four.

For more of my favorites from our fall shoot, visit my story on Babble!

Good news! If you are in the NYC area and looking to book photos for the holidays or just to update the family photo album, Lindsey is booking mini sessions in Riverside Park. The best part about these mini sessions is that Lindsey can capture gorgeous photos of your family in only 30 minutes. It really is a fun and easy way to get great family photos and Lindsey is so much fun to be around and knew exactly how to make the girls feel comfortable. If you are interested in booking a session with Lindsey, email her to find out more!

NYC mini sessions Lauren version


{Disclosure: I was no compensated for this post. Lindsey invited us out to take photos of our family and I truly love all of her work.}

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