On Monday morning, MacKay, Harlan and I will make a trip to the doctors office for, what I think, is the most exciting ultrasound during pregnancy; finding out the sex.

We found out the sex with Harlan and going into the ultrasound I was convinced I was having a boy. I really didn’t have a reason for it, but just had a “feeling.” Obviously I was wrong, but still very thrilled about having a girl.

With this pregnancy I really didn’t have a clue or a “feeling” of what the baby is. Based on the fact that this pregnancy is very similar to my pregnancy with Harlan’s I would have to say a girl if I was asked.

MacKay and Harlan seem to think that it is a boy. Most boys on my husbands side of the family were born in February and early March. He’s told me from day one that I’m having a boy. Harlan seems to agree with him. Every time I ask her what is in my belly she says either “baby boy” or “boy.” None of us have influenced her to say this and she just said it out of the blue one day and has maintained it ever since.

So Monday we will find out if MacKay will be out numbered in our household or if Harlan will have a little brother.

What do you think I’m having?

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I say boy!

Good Luck on Monday 🙂
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I think you’re meant to have girls. 🙂
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I say another girl. 🙂

I have 2 sons and a daughter. I knew #1 was a boy and I was right. I thought #2 was a girl but it was another boy. I have to be honest and say I was a little disappointed when I found out. I always pictured just having 2 kids (one boy and one girl like my mother had). When we decided to go for #3, I was convinced it would be another boy so I was truly shocked when the ultrasound tech said girl. It was one of the most wonderful surprises of my life.

Good luck with your ultrasound! Enjoy!


Ummm for some reason I see you with girls:), but I truly hope you get to experience both. Can’t wait to hear & will be so wonderful no matter what. Andrew and u have decided for number 3 we aren’t going to find out. At least we say that now. I have both stuff for each so would love to keep it a secret the 3rd go round until the day he or she enters the world. That’s if I can do it, but I want too.
When do you go Monday? Can’t wait to hear, so exciting. Do you have some names picked out for both sexes or are y’all waiting to do that? Well 2 1/2 more days:)


hmmm… I say girl. Just a feeling. How exciting!
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Hmmm, I say…. a BOY!!!! 🙂
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Just not sure, but you may have to trust your girl and hubby’s instincts. I vote boy!
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I’ll say boy. Just so you can join the boy mamas club. 🙂

All three of my pregnancies were totally different. All three boys.
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What an exciting day! I’m voting boy just because I have a boy and a girl and it’s fun having both!
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i vote for girl, b/c it is statistically more likely and i’m dorky like that.

congrats for a boy or a girl!
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What does the Chinese baby chart say? It was correct for me. http://www.webwomb.com/chinesechart.htm

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