I’ve officially made it to 20 weeks and couldn’t be more excited. With the first half of pregnancy being rough with morning sickness, I am hopeful that the second half will treat me well.

Check out some of my pregnancy tidbits ( what i’m craving, how much weight I’ve gained, etc.) on my latest Babble.com post!



Glad to hear you are doing and looking so well! 🙂 The ultrasound pictures are amazing!
Patty at A Day in My NYC recently posted..Word-less Wednesday: Men at Work


Glad you are finally starting to feel better. Hope it keeps up! You’re halfway there! 🙂
Cam recently posted..The Beginning of Me


You have the cutest baby bump!
Natalie recently posted..The Birthday Madness


I can’t believe that is a 20 week baby belly! You look fantastic!


Awe! Your baby bump is adorable!!! We are doing a giveaway for a maternity hospital gown on our blog right now! Check us out to enter!!!!

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