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This pregnancy has really brought out my crafty side. I am always on the look for a new project and something to DIY. I had so much fun planning Harlan’s birthday party and wanted to do much of it by myself. After doing the glitter bottles to use as flower vases, I decided to do some tissue paper tassel to attach to the giant balloons I bought.

The balloons were truly the inspiration around the party and I really wanted these tassels to turn out great. I ordered the tassel garland for Avery’s party on Etsy and this time around I was feeling a little crafty and decided to do it myself.

Now before I even start on how to make them, I will tell you that they are a bit time consuming. I made around 40 for Harlan’s party and it took me a good couple of hours (maybe more) to get them finished. I spent my nights after the girls went to bed curled up on the couch watching Bravo and making these. As long as you have something to entertain you while making them, it’s not that bad.

First things first, supplies: You need tissue paper, scissors, tape, and pipe cleaners. The pipe cleaners are optional, but make for a pretty and decorative piece to cover up the tape you are going to use.


Fold the tissue paper in half horizontally and then in half again vertically. Cut along one of the folds so that you have a piece two pieces of tissue paper with a fold in the middle.


With the tissue paper still folded, grab the scissors and cut upwards from the loose end of the tissue paper to about 1 inch from the folded part. You can use a ruler to cut each piece/flap and have them equal distance apart, but I didn’t have the patience for it and did it all free hand. Some of them were completely uneven and the lines weren’t completely straight, but once they are tasseled you cannot tell.


When you are finished cutting the fringe, unfold your tissue paper so that both sides with the fringe are apart and laying flat.


Starting from one end of the tissue paper, roll the middle of the tissue paper (at the crease.)


When you are finished folding, your tassel should look like this. You may have to adjust some of the fringe from doing the folding so that it is straight on each side.


Twist the middle of the tassel so that it is tight and then fold the tassel down from the middle so that you have a little loop at the twisted part.


Grab your tape and put a little piece on the bottom of the twisted part to secure the tassel.


Finally (this last step is optional) grab the pipe cleaner and twist it around the tape to cover it up.


Voila! It’s done!



Here are the tassels on the balloon. Let me tell you that we were running very behind schedule and quickly taped the tassel on the balloon string. If I would have had the time, I would have used the loops to put connect the string in and out of the tassel to make sure that it was secure.

Either way, I really loved the way that they turned out! It was the perfect focal point for Harlan’s party and looked just as lovely as I had imagined!

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