Over the weekend we celebrated Harlan’s fourth birthday. We were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather and have a great time on the rooftop of our church. The roof has a great playground for the kids and it kept them entertained the entire time.

After planning Avery’s first birthday party, I realized how much I love planning and putting everything together for parties. Much like Avery’s, I found a color scheme that I loved and went from there. Harlan is such a girly girl and loves pink, so we went with a pink and peach theme, with her permission of course.

I had the gold Happy Birthday sign left over from when I made it for Avery’s party, so all I had to do was change it to Harlan’s name and it was good to go!


I made all of the food except for the cake. That was left up to Magnolia Bakery.





The cake was a bit more pink than I asked for, but Harlan loved it, which was all that mattered. And it tasted delicious!


IMG_6572 copy

IMG_6571 copy

I fell in love with these baking cups at our local party store and knew they would be perfect for the kids to carry around while playing. Simple snacks of popcorn and chips did the trick.


I wanted to make finger foods that were easy for me to prepare the day of while still tasty for both the kids and parents. These cucumber dill tea sandwiches were delicious!

IMG_6567 copy

These veggie rolls were a staple that my mom made growing up. Mix some olives, scallions, and carrots with cream cheese, spread it on a flour tortilla, roll and cut and it’s done! Super easy and to my surprise the kids loved them. The had no idea veggies were hidden inside.

img_6575 Copy

I wanted to have at least one warm food item on the table. There were simple frozen quiche that I popped in the oven before I left the apartment. So good!

IMG_6568 copy

These were an experiment that I tried the day before the party and much to my surprise they were the hit of the party. I simply melted white chocolate chips and made them the colors of the party with food coloring. Dip the big marshmallows into the white chocolate and let them dry on wax paper. Once cool, put straws on the end of the marshmallow without the chocolate.

The kids loved to come up and grab these because they were a convenient sweet treat!

IMG_6569 copy

A couple of weeks ago I showed you these DIY glitter milk bottles. There were such a great addition to the table!

IMG_6574 copy

At the last minute I decided to have a mini candy bar for the kids to take home in grab bags. I ordered these jars off of Amazon last minute and filled them with some candy to match the decor! Of course, the candy was a bit hit with all of the kids.

IMG_6585 copy


I ordered these plastic milk bottles and straws for the kids off of Shop Sweet Lulu. The bows were just an added touch. They were great for the kids to drink while running around and playing.

IMG_6611 copy

Of course I had to go with the theme for the drinks too. The peach lemonade was an absolute favorite.


These wooden utensils were also ordered from Shop Sweet Lulu. I love wooden utensils for parties!

IMG_6588 copy

IMG_6593 copy


This entire party was envisioned around these big balloons. I ordered them from Shop Sweet Lulu and made the tassels to hang down (tutorial coming soon.) Unfortunately it was so windy that they had to go inside shortly after the party. But they were absolutely gorgeous and my favorite decor piece of the party!





PicMonkey Collage

I was so worried that they playground might not be enough entertainment for the entire party. But thankfully I was wrong. Many parents had to pull their children off of the playground to go home!



She was so excited for her friends to sing her Happy Birthday!


Out of about 20 shots, this was the best family picture we could get. They both wanted to play on the playground rather than take a photo. I don’t blame them.


Birthday party success! This girl couldn’t have been happier. And I couldn’t have been more blessed to see what a wonderful time she had sharing her big day with all of her friends.





The decor and the cake are gorgeous!! Glad Harlan enjoyed her birthday party.


Thank you!!!


Love the marshmallow recipe… I may have to borrow that for Millie’s birthday coming up in a few weeks! Too cute. Happy Birthday, Harlan!


Thank you Ellen! The kids devoured them. And so easy to make! 🙂


Super cute! Happy birthday, Harlan.

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