Halloween in New York City is unlike any other. The entire city celebrates with parties, parades, and even a Halloween themed light show on top of the Empire State Building.

While many city dwellers will trick or treat door to door in their apartment buildings, MacKay and I were determined to find a city street that does Halloween the way suburbanites do it. Thankfully after doing a little research we found the perfect little street in our neighborhood that goes all out for the holiday. The street is shut down and the houses are decorated well beyond anything you could ever imagine. The street is packed with fellow New Yorkers as we go door to door to grab a piece of candy.

Harlan has been asking about Halloween for months now and even had me order her costume months ago. To say we were prepared for the holiday is an understatement. She was up at 5:45 this morning asking me when she could put her costume on.

While she waits patiently for the sun to go down tonight so she can trick or treat, we have had fun doing some Halloween traditions around the apartment. Last week, while MacKay was out of town, Harlan begged me to get a pumpkin so that we could carve a jack-0-lantern. She’s been learning a lot about it in school and couldn’t wait to do one of her own. I stopped by the corner market on our way home from school and bought a pumpkin so that we could get to carving our very own jack-o-lantern.




While Harlan was excited to dig right in, Avery was a bit more nervous about the gooey stuff inside the pumpkin. It took her a while to warm up to the idea that she had to help me scoop everything out before we could start carving.



While Avery helped me get out the last of the inside, it was Harlan’s job to draw our jack-o-lanterns face. Unfortunately she didn’t understand the idea, but had fun drawing on the pumpkin herself.


After a little tracing, we finally got our jack-o-lantern ready to go and lit up! Harlan was so proud of her pumpkin and couldn’t stop thanking me for doing it with her.





Here is a little sneak peek of our costumes from our church Halloween party last weekend. The girls have had so much fun dressing up and Avery has surprisingly had no problem keeping those Minnie Mouse ears on. Success!

Hope every has a safe and Happy Halloween!!

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