I cannot tell you how much I love having photographs of my children. I probably take too many photos of them, but that never hinders me from taking more. With the birth of Macks meant that I needed photos of our family of five!

Getting all five of us together, especially in February when it’s freezing outside, is never easy. Rather than trying to get us all in a studio, I thought it would be best if we took photos in our natural setting of our apartment. It would make everyone more comfortable and is much easier on me.

Of course I had to invite the lovely Lindsey of Lindsey Belle Photography over. She has always been so wonderful not only to me, but to the girls. She makes them feel so comfortable, so it’s easy to see their personalities through the photos.


Of course it didn’t take Avery long to get happy in front of the camera. This girls LOVES attention.


And Har loves making Avery laugh.


Both girls always ask if they can hold Macks. They both wanted to hold him for a photo. So to make it fair, we put him in the middle and immediately both girls grabbed his hand.


Our first photo as a family of five!!


I cannot get over how alert he was during this entire shoot. Usually newborns will sleep their way through these entire things. Obviously Macks had other plans. I’m okay with it though because it let us see his gorgeous blue eyes.




I cannot wait to watch them grow up together.



He makes me so incredibly happy.



MacKay is excited to have a boy in the family. Finally!


There is so much love for this sweet little boy of mine. Thank you, Lindsey, for capturing these precious moments between our family and helping us share Macks with the world!

For even more photos from Macks’ newborn photo shoot, check out my post on Babble!

All photos via Lindsey Belle Photography


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