A little more than  year ago I took Harlan to American Girl for an afternoon of girl time. While we waited for our food in the cafe, they had these little cards with questions on them. I started asking the questions to Harlan and was so surprised by her answers that I started writing them down. It turned out to be a quirky little post that I still love looking back on.

Most afternoons Har and I are by ourselves while Macks and Avery sleep. It’s fun to get that one on one time with her, especially before she starts kindergarten in the fall. Last week as I was looking back at that post, I decided to see how much Harlan’s answers have changed to those questions. It’s only been a year, but I think I might like her answers even more this time.

Question 1: What food would you never give up?

Harlan: Peas……wait……. a turkey sandwich.

My thoughts: Peas? She hates peas. I would’ve thought candy. Maybe she didn’t understand the question. 

Question 2: Who is the smartest person you know?

Harlan: Daniela

My thoughts: So sweet. Daniela is her friend from preschool. She misses her so much. Still waiting for her to say mommy, though. 😉 

Question 3: If you could choose to fly or be invisible what would you be?

Harlan: Invisible. Because I could move and no one could see me.

My thoughts: Yeah I probably would have chosen the same thing. 

Question 4: What is the most beautiful animal in the world?

Harlan: Butterfly. That’s an easy one. That’s the easiest one I ever heard.

My thoughts: She’s been obsessed with butterflies lately, so I wasn’t surprised by this answer. They are beautiful. 

Question 5: Would you want to live on a space station or underwater station?

Harlan: Underwater Because I want to see all of the creatures.

My thoughts: I would have thought she would have said space because she is terrified of anything under water. 

Question 6: Why do you like being the oldest in your family?

Harlan: Ha! Did you make that question up? That is a tricky one. I guess because I was born first.

My thoughts: LOL. I guess she’s right. She doesn’t have control over being the oldest. But I thought she was going to say so she could boss everyone around, because she’s doing that quite a lot lately.

Question 7: If you could start a club, what kind of club would it be?

Harlan: Princess Club

My thoughts: Some things never change. (This was the same answer as last year.)

Question 8: What is the biggest dream you have?

Harlan: That I can watch Netflix all day.

My thoughts: Oh gosh. ::hangs my head in shame:: I need to get this girl out more.

Question 9: What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

Harlan: Smart. Because I remember stuff in from a long long time ago.

My thoughts: Very true. She has the sharpest memory. She’s always saying, “Remember that time…..” 

Question 10: What is the earliest memory you have?

Harlan: Remember that old house with that piano….?

My thoughts: Nope, I don’t remember that. Good memory indeed.

I’m thinking about starting this into a little series. Different questions each month with the same quirky answers from my Har. What do you think?

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