You might remember at the beginning of the year I showed you the girls’ room makeover in our apartment in the city. Not only did I fall in love with everything that the ladies from Bellini and the amazing talented artist Sam Simon did for the room, but the girls loved it as well. It became their oasis. The room that they told stories in each night in their bunk beds. A place for them to have tea parties with their dolls. A space just for them.

When we were house hunting, one of my must-haves was to find a room that could accommodate their bunk beds. We saw several houses that we loved, but the rooms were situated weird and the bunk beds would have to have been taken apart, which wasn’t an option for us.

Thankfully the house we fell in love with was perfect for all of the furniture in the girls’ room. Although I couldn’t move the amazing plaid wall from Sam Simon, I did paint the room gray similar to the color in their old room.



The girls love to read, especially at night, so my dad helped put these Pottery Barn Kids Collector’s Shelves on the wall of each bunk so they can easily grab a book before trying to fall asleep.


I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to find the perfect spot for my favorite piece of art from Sam Simon, but I love the way it looks on this wall.





Their closet is HUGE compared to our apartment and has so much storage space for all of their clothes. I love the old door knobs too. So much character in this old house and I am so grateful for all of it.



Another book shelf on their wall so that they can sit down and read together during the day.

IMG_0518 copy

One of their favorite things to do is play dress up. I am always finding them upstairs dressed in their favorite princess costume and doing some sort of princess role play. It’s the sweetest thing to watch their relationship from the outside. They are so thankful for each other and it’s always so apparent.







Even Macks loves hanging out in his sister’s room.


So does Toby.


More rooms in our house tour coming shortly. Macks’ nursery is almost complete. Just waiting on a couple more pieces. I can’t wait to show it to you!

{For full details on products in the girls’ room, visit this post.}


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