I’ve spent the entire summer with all three kids. While it was incredibly challenging, it is by far our best summer yet. We’ve played in our backyard, made trips to the beach, the museum, and the sprinkler park. I’ve watched as Harlan and Avery have become the best of friends and as Macks has grown to love his big sisters dearly.

But this Thursday starts an entirely new routine for our family. Harlan starts kindergarten and Avery will start preschool next week. That leaves Macks and I at home together. I’m excited for our time alone together and that it’s also freeing up some time for me to get more things done (because getting things done with just one seems like a dream compared to having three around.)

I’ve started to look for a sitter for a couple days a week so that I can help get Macks accustomed to others while giving me alone time to work. Macks has been having separation issues lately, so the more time that he gets with someone other than me, the better. With the girls in school, it leaves less stress on both me and the sitter with just Macks. Macks is 99% brestfed, but there are those moments that he does take a bottle while I am not around. His transition to a bottle hasn’t been an easy one, but thankfully he’s slowly getting used to it and will let others feed him without a problem. He’s tried several bottles and is very particular about the one that he takes. Playtex bottles are ones on his list.

Playtex keeps both moms and babies in mind when creating their bottles. And their newest bottle innovations prove just that.


The Playtex VentAire Bottle is uniquely designed to reduce colic through the venting system that is at the bottom of the bottle. The venting system helps reduce air ingestion. Harlan suffered from colic for months so I know how awful it can be for baby and for parents. The VentAire is angled to promote an upright position when feeding. This not only helps reduce colic, but will also help prevent ear infections. The VentAire Bottle is compatible with all new Playtex nipples to match baby’s unique preferences.



Macks loves the bottle because of the wide mouth design that is more similar to that of the breast. It helps make it worry free when I leave him knowing that he will get a full meal without any problems.


Playtex has also released the the Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners. As a mom of three always on the go, these bottles are amazing. The Disposable Drop-Ins Liners make it super easy to use and less hassle. Once I’m done with a feeding I can simply throw the liner away making for minimal clean up.


The liners gently collapse as your baby feeds so you don’t have to worry about air getting in and into your little one’s belly. I absolutely love the adjustable bottle angles which allows you to feed baby in a semi-upright position. And like the VentAire Bottle, the Nurser Bottle is compatible with all new Playtex nipples.


Both bottles have a unique lid with triangles so that you can line them up to make sure that the nipples are on tight and secure to prevent leaking. As a mom who pumps, this is such a great detail. As we all know, breast milk is like liquid gold and any drop that spills can be devastating.

This is a time of transition for all of us in our family. But something new in our lives always brings a lesson along with it. I can’t wait to see what we discover.

{Disclosure: I am working with Playtex as a proud member of the Playtex Baby Mom Trust program, a virtual network where moms can find common ground and support each other through sharing stories, tips, product reviews, insights and unique experiences of motherhood. As always, all opinions are my own.}

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