A couple of years ago, Harlan and I sat in the cafe of the American Girl store and while waiting for our food I asked her questions from the conversation starters that were at our table. At three years-old her answers were hilarious and adorable. I shared her answers with all of you and loved it so much that I started the series, “Conversations with Har.”

Avery is now the same age that Harlan was when I first asked her those questions and so I thought it would be a good idea to get Avery in on the conversation by asking her the very same questions I asked Harlan two years ago.

Her answers were just as funny and adorable as Harlan, but could also not be anymore different from her sister.

Question 1: What food would you never give up?

Avery: Cupcake. Vanilla Cupcake.  

My thoughts: Yum! Me either. I’m a vanilla person too. Avery only eats the icing and I like the vanilla part. We make a perfect match for cupcake eating.

Question 2: Who is the smartest person you know?

Avery: Macks

My thoughts: So sweet! (Although I was secretly hoping she’d say my name 😉 )She’s really stepped up for her brother this past year and I know he adores her just as much as she adores him. Love watching the two of them together.

Question 3: If you could choose to fly or be invisible what would you be?

Avery: A Butterfly.

My thoughts: I can’t think of a better answer. A butterfly perfectly describes Avery.

Question 4: What is the most beautiful animal in the world?

Avery: A kitty cat.

My thoughts: Interesting seeing that we don’t have any cats and she’s only seen them in real life a handful of times. Very random, but they are cute.

Question 5: Would you want to live on a space station or underwater station?

Avery: Outerspace.

My thoughts: She loves pretending like she’s a space ship and blasting off into outerspace, so this answer didn’t surprise me.

Question 6: Why do you like being three?

Avery: Because my birthday. 

My thoughts: That’s all she’s been talking about since her party a couple of months ago. She will get out of bed at night just to come in my room and ask for another birthday party. I can’t blame her, I love a good party too.

Question 7: If you could start a club, what kind of club would it be?

Avery: Disney World Club

My thoughts: Totally predictable. She’s been talking about Disney World since our trip last month. She asks a least three times a day if we can go to Disney World “after school.” If only it was that easy.

Question 8: What is the biggest dream you have?

Avery: Belle

My thoughts: Belle is her favorite. She always wants to dress in Belle’s costume.

Question 9: What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

Avery: Cinderella 

My thoughts: Ha! Not exactly the answer I was expecting.

Question 10: What is the earliest memory you have?

Avery: Jasmine….No Ariel, Ariel

My thoughts: Somehow this has turned into a Disney Princess conversation. She’s always talking about princesses. I’m just surprised Elsa and Anna didn’t come up in the conversation.

(Photo taken by Lindsey Belle)

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