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Growing up and living only 45 minutes from Disney World, I was fortunate to visit the magical place several times. We’d go for field trips, weekend day-trips, and even had our graduation night at the theme park. I knew how wonderful the place was, but what I didn’t realize was how magical it was to see it through the eyes of your children.






We took the kids for a day during the week that we were in Florida for Spring Break. I was nervous going during a busy time of year, but Disney has really make great improvements in the FastPass service which meant that we did not wait more than 10 minutes for any ride throughout the day. Macks was able to go on 90% of the rides and the ones that he couldn’t, we just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed a little people watching.

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I don’t think the girls have smiled this much in a long time. We didn’t hear them complain once throughout the day. It made for a very pleasant day for all of us.


There were some rides that Avery was a bit too short for, so while MacKay and Harlan went on the ride, Avery, Macks, and I waited in line to meet some of the characters. I thought Avery would be super nervous to see them in costume, but she walked right up with the biggest smile on her face and couldn’t wait to give them a hug.

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And of course we couldn’t make a trip to Disney World without seeing Disney Princesses.

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It was in the 90s the entire week we were in Florida (which is why you see those sunburns 🙁 and them covered the best way possible from the sun) so we indulged in cool sweet treats.


And Har splashed in the water.


Macks just wanted to dance and make music.


And I just wanted my Dole Whip.


We arrived at the park at 10am and left when it closed at 11pm. The girls were troopers the entire time and didn’t stop for anything. I was skeptical about being at the park with them so late (afraid of meltdowns,) but honestly it was the best time to go. While everyone else was watching the parades and fireworks, we were taking advantage of the no wait times for the rides. All while this guy was sound asleep in the stroller.


The girls promptly fell asleep on the drive back to my parents house, but woke up in the morning giddy about their day at Disney World. Avery’s asked to go back everyday since we’ve gone. She thinks we can quickly go to Disney World after school. If only it were that easy, my love. 🙂


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