I find myself looking at Harlan and thinking “how did we get here?” She’s so in-tune with everything and is at my side all the time asking how she can help me. And now she’s at the age when she really can help. She will be six in a few months and she not only acts like more of a kid, but it looking older and more mature each day.

A couple of years ago I started this series after taking Harlan on a lunch date at American Girl. At three years-old her answers were hilarious. I’ve continued to have these conversations with her and she continues to surprise me with her answers and make me laugh. It’s been so fun just to be able to sit down with her and get to know her a little bit more. She’s got so much personality and I am so grateful when I get to experience it one-on-one with her.

This weekend I sat down with her for some more coversation starters and loved hearing her answers.

Where’s the most fun place you’ve ever to?

Harlan: Disney World, of course!

My thoughts: Predictable answer. That’s all her and Avery talk about these days. Always asking when we are going back. 

Where’s the best vacation you’ve been on?

Harlan: To Mimi and Grandaddy’s house.

My thoughts: We just came back from vacation at their house a couple of weeks ago. They always have fun because they have a pool in the backyard and fun toys to ride on. So sweet that she loves visiting them. 

Whats your favorite food?

Harlan: Dumplings

My thoughts: Figures. She always asks for dumplings no matter what restaurant we go to. Between that and sushi, those are her favs. 

What would you buy with $25?

Harlan: A unicorn.

My thoughts: Ha! I’d just tell her to save it. 

If you were invisible where would you go and what would you do?

Harlan: I would sneak out of the house and go to my friend’s house.

My thoughts: OMG. Sneak out?! She’s FIVE!! How is this a thought in her mind already?!

If you could invent one thing what would it be?

Harlan: A glove that could do stuff by itself. Like cut plants or paper.

My thoughts: Interesting. Yet, good idea.

If you were to be granted any one magical power you wanted, what would you pick?

Harlan: That it would turn into my birthday everyday.

My thoughts: She’s been counting down to her birthday since the day after her birthday last year. This girl is obsessed with birthdays. 

If you could have either the ability to talk to animals or the power to see into the future, which would you want?

Harlan: See the future.

My thoughts: With as much Sofia the First she watches, I would have bet money she would have answered with talk to animals. 

What is your idea of a dream vacation?

Harlan: To Chuck E Cheese.

My thoughts: What? Really? 

Who do you think is the richest person in the world?

Harlan: The President.

My thoughts: She is very interested in the President and politics. She thinks he’s very powerful. So I guess with that comes a lot of money in her mind. 

If you were granted one wish, what would it be?

Harlan: A baby doll

My thoughts: Of all the wishes in the world, you would wish for a baby doll? To add to the collection of the 20 you don’t play with? 

Name one thing you are thankful for.

Harlan:Having my friends over for a play date.

My thoughts: Hello? It’s your mom here…..what about me? 

What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

Harlan: Eat dinner together.

My thoughts: Family dinners usually only come on the Sunday evenings, so they are so special to us. Lots of laughs and good conversations. I love that she loves something so simple. Just wish we could do it more often.

Which of the four seasons do you like best and why?

Harlan: Winter because I like to build a snowman.

My thoughts: I could not disagree more. So. Cold. 

Who is the funniest person you know? Why?

Harlan: Avery because she does some funny stuff.

My thoughts: Yep. Would agree with you 100% on that one. Avery is one funny little lady. And is always guaranteed to make you laugh. 


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