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Macks had his two and a half year doctor visit last week. As always, the doctor asks questions to see how he’s doing developmentally.

“Is he intereted in the potty?” he asked.

“If you consider taking off his diaper and peeing in the floor interested, then yes, he’s interested,” I answered with a laugh.

The truth is, he’s not quite ready to make the leap into being fully potty trained. He does tell me that he wants to go to the potty and will sit down, but ultimately nothing ever happens. He will get off of the potty two seconds later and then happily pee on the ground. He’ll get there. I know he will.

While he’s not ready to make that jump just yet, I’m making sure that I’m making the most of his cues. He’s always taking off his diaper and handing it to me. He’s mentioned getting big boy underwear just like his sisters’ have. I know that getting him underwear isn’t the right decision for us know, so I’ve compromised with him (which is not an easy thing with a two year old.) Pampers recently released their new Easy Ups Training Underwear. What I love about them is that they look and feel more like underwear than a diaper, but have the protection that Pampers diapers have given our family for seven year. Macks saw a commercial for them and immediately asked for me to get them becuase they have Thomas the Train on them, one of his favorites.

Pampers recently sent us a box of the new Pampers Easy Ups and to say Macks was excited to start wearing his new “underwear” was an understatement.

So we may not be ready to potty train just yet, but Macks is ready to start underwear training. And slowly but surely, he will get to the real thing. But in his time and doing it his way. Just as he’s always done.

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