Macks’ Newborn Photos

A look at some of my favorite photos from Macks’ newborn photo shoot!

Who Wore it Better, Baby!

Last month when we went to our storage unit, I got all of Harlan’s 12 months clothes so that Avery could wear them. There are so many of her outfits that I absolutely love and couldn’t wait to put Avery in them. While unpacking, I took a little trip down memory road and reminisced on … Continue Reading

Date Day

Who knew that a day to ourselves could turn into dates that I look forward to all the time!

The Waiting Game

On Friday when I went for my 36 week visit, my doctor described the rest of the pregnancy as “the waiting game.” That means this little girl could be here at any time now. I’m almost 2 cm dilated and she is definitely low, so it seems she is getting ready as much as we … Continue Reading