Better late than never! Avery is two weeks into being 11 months and life is crazier than ever right now. With my grandmother being very ill and traveling nearly ever week this month, it’s been so hard to find the time to sit down and write for pleasure and not just for work.

Month 11 was a big month for Avery. She started walking this month, which makes me both sad and amazed at the same time. Walking means that she is taking that step (literally) into toddler-hood and saying goodbye to the baby days. But I am so amazed that teeny little Avery can just get up and walk like it’s no big deal. Harlan loves that she is walking now and they are both so fun to watch walk around the apartment. To this day Harlan squeals every time Avery stands up to walk. She thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.


If you want to see some of my favorite moments from Avery’s 11th month, I showcased some over at Babble!

I’ve compiled some of the fun and exciting things that Avery has done over her eleventh month. I love to do this each month (here’s month onemonth twomonth threemonth fourmonth fivemonth sixmonth sevenmonth eightmonth nine, and month 10) so I can document how she is growing.


Month 11 Fun Facts:

  • Avery has become such a good sleeper! She knows exactly when it’s bedtime and is sleeping 13 hours at night (I probably just jinxed myself.)
  • She’s found a love of Yo Gabba Gabba just like her sister. If I need to keep both of them occupied for a little bit, I can put on that show and Avery is completely memorized.
  • One of her favorite things to do is take all of her toys out of the basket and then climb in. It’s funny until she realizes that she can’t get out.
  • We’ve learned that Avery is VERY opinionated. She will tell you when she wants something and when she doesn’t want something.
  • She’s walking!!
  • Tantrums have started this month. She throws a fit when she doesn’t get her way. Oy!
  • Still a picky eater. I think it’s more of an independence thing than anything else. She likes to do it all on her own!
  • She has found the book shelf and could spend all day taking all of the books off of it.
  • She loves to go in her room with Harlan and play with the pretend kitchen. She will taken the sink out and try to fit whatever she can into it.
  • She loves to wave and say hi to anyone and everyone. Her favorite person to say hi to is her daddy.
  • She is completely and totally a daddy’s girl and I love to watch their relationship grow!
Only a couple more weeks until Avery is ONE. I am knee deep in birthday planning and having a blast!

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